These tools allow information about (ogminfo) or extraction from (ogmdemux) or creation of (ogmmerge) OGG media streams. Note that I'll use OGM for "OGG media streams".


Sources:ogmtools-1.5.tar.bz2 (209kb)
Binaries: There are several people who maintain binary packages of my ogmtools. All links here lead to external pages. Thanks for all your work :)
Debian/testing and unstable: maintained by Marc Leeman. ogmtools are now officially part of Debian/testing and unstable and therefore available from every Debian mirror.
Debian/stable: maintained by Nicolas Boos at his homepage
PLD 1.0 (Ra): maintained by Robert R. Wal at RpmFind.net
SuSE: maintained by Marco Puszina at www.tuxforge.de
Mandrake Cooker: maintained by Götz Waschk at RpmFind.net
Red Hat 9: maintained by Matthias Saou at FreshRPMs
Yellow Dog Linux 3.0: maintained by Matthias Saou at FreshRPMs
Arch Linux: maintained by Damir Perisa at www.ArchLinux.org
Fink: maintained by Sylvain Cuaz at fink.sf.net
MacOS X: available as a port from MacPorts
NetBSD /pkgsrc: maintained by Quentin Garnier at ftp.NetBSD.org
Slackware 10.2 and Slackware 11.0 maintained by Andreas Liebe
others:You can also search at RpmFind.net


OggMux is the utility that I got my ideas from - but it's for Windows only. If you need it, header over to http://oggmux.sourceforge.net/ and grab a copy.

Another utility for Windows are the Ogg Media File tools that are command line utilities which are very alike to my ogmtools. Great stuff, Cyrius.


There are several files that you might want to read, including the README, the ChangeLog or the man pages:


You can reach me at moritz@bunkus.org.

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